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  • What should I expect during my child's upcoming office visit?
    When you arrive to the office you will be greeted by our friendly staff and will be asked to complete the required registration forms. Our waiting rooms are child-friendly with activities and toys to help occupy their time during the brief wait. UFC staff and health care providers make every effort to ensure a pleasant visit!
  • Can I fill out the registration forms prior to my child's office visit?
    Yes! Please download and complete the Registration Forms and bring them with you on the day of your child's office visit. The forms can be found on our website, on the "Forms" tab on the menu at the top of the screen.
  • My child needs to have an ultrasound performed. Can I have this completed at your office?
    Yes! As of now, we currently have the capabilites to perform most ultrasounds at our Voorhees office. You may be able to conveniently have the ultrasound completed on the same day as your child's office visit. Please call to schedule determine if we are able to perform your child's ultrasound in our office. Please note, that some insurance plans do not cover ultrasound performed in our office. When you call, ask if your insurance is covered.
  • Can I receive test results over the phone?
    As a general rule, test results are not given out over the phone. You will need to schedule an office visit to allow your child's health care provider to review the results with you.
  • My child had a radiology study (x-ray, ultrasound) performed. Why do I need to bring a CD-ROM copy of the images?"
    To best help your child, the physicians and nurse practitioners need to look at the actual images to better understand your child's condition. Only the paper report is automatically sent to our office, so it is necessary for you to bring a CD copy of the images to your child's appointment. If you do not, it may be necessary to cancel and reschedule the appointment!
  • I would like to request that my child be seen by a specific provider.
    UFC will try and honor your requests as best we can. Please note that a specific provider may not see patients at a particular office, or on particular days. Also, for certain conditions (e.g. bedwetting, incontinence, constipation) our highly-experienced nurse practitioners will provide the initial evaluation.
  • How do I schedule my child's surgery?
    If your child requires surgery, and has been seen by one of the physicians or nurse practitioners, then you should be receiving a call from one our Surgical Schedulers within one week of the office appointment. If you do not receive a call, then contact our office at 856-751-7880.
  • My child has surgery tomorrow but I did not receive a phone call from the surgical center! What do I do?
    You should have received a phone call from the SURGICAL CENTER the day before your child's scheduled surgery. This call was to confirm the time you are to arrive at the surgical center (or hospital), and also to go over when your child should stop eating and drinking. If you think you did not receive a call, check to make sure a voice message was not left on your phone. If it is during daytime hours, call the SURGICAL CENTER and ask for help. If it is after hours, then have your child stop eating and drinking after midnight and call the SURGICAL CENTER first thing in the morning at 6am. Unfortunately, if the surgical center was not able to contact you the day prior to your child's scheduled surgery to confirm, then your child's surgery may be cancelled.
  • When does my child have to stop eating and drinking before surgery?
    Each hospital and surgical center has their own policies regarding when your child must stop eating and drink, so please make sure to confirm with the surgical center. If you do not follow their directions your child's surgery WILL BE CANCELLED.
  • My child is sick, but has upcoming surgery. What should I do?"
    For most elective surgeries, if your child is sick it may be necessary to cancel and reschedule for another time. If your child is showing signs of an illness, such as a fever (any temperature greater than 100.4), cough, congestion, sneezing, runny nose, vomiting, or diarrhea then you should contact your child's pediatrician and the surgical center. On the day of surgery, your child will be evaluated by the anesthesiologist who will decide if we can safely proceed with surgery.
  • Can I be present in the OR when my child has their surgery?
    We understand that surgery can be a stressful time for both you and your child. You will be with your child during the intake and pre-operative evaluation. When it is time for your child to go back to the Operating Room, the pediatric anesthesiologist will accompany your child to the OR, and the nurse will bring you to the waiting room. This is a universal policy of all the surgical centers and hospitals. When the surgery is complete, your child's surgeon will speak with you, and then you will be able to be with your child in the recovery room.
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