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A Virtual Visit is NOT a method to directly contact our providers as this page is not regularly monitored. Virtual Visits must be previously scheduled and first confirmed by UFC staff. For concerns or to talk to a provider, please call our office at (856) 751-7880 and our staff will triage your call to the appropriate provider.

  • Your child can be a new or established patient with the UFC practice. 
  • Our office staff will determine if a Virtual Visit is appropriate for your child's needs.
  • You must have internet capabilities and be able to video chat with the healthcare provider. Most laptops and smartphones have these capabilities.
How to set up a Virtual Visit
Please call our main phone number and follow the prompts. You will speak with the office staff who will determine if your child is eligible for a Virtual Visit. If eligible, you will be given a date and time for the Virtual Visit. At the specified date and time, simply return to this webpage and click on the name of your child's provider below. You will be directed to the Virtual Visit website. There is no need to download any applications!

Click below to begin your Virtual Visit.

(You must have an appointment)

  • Attention iPhone users - you must use Safari for your Virtual Visit

  • Android users may use any web browser

Virtual Visit Instructions

Thank you for selecting Telemedicine's VIRTUAL VISIT with Urology For Children. This is a remote service available to new and our established patients. If your child is a new patient and you require an appointment, please call our office at phone number 856-751-7880 and any representative will be happy to assist you.


- You must have the following in order to move forward:


  • A Virtual Visit appointment date and time already assigned. (Your previous "in-office appointment does not qualify as a virtual appointment)

  • Smartphone / iPhone with video and audio capabilities (IPhones must use Safari as your web browser, Android can use any browser.)

  • Your referral (if required) must be received from your pediatrician BEFORE your virtual appointment.

  • If your insurance requires a copay, you must remit payment prior to your virtual visit via any debit/CC by calling the office at phone # 856-751-7880. Any representative can process your co-payment.

  • Lastly, if your visit requires the review of previous medical records or imaging reports you must make sure that these documents have been faxed to our office at fax number 856-751-9133 PRIOR to the child's appointment


- To log in to your Virtual Visit, follow these steps:


  • Visit

  • Select VIRTUAL VISIT from the menu selection at the top of the home page

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Virtual Visit page

  • Select your provider

  • You will be directed to the Welcome screen. Please enter the patient's name into the waiting queue and click  "Check-In". Please ensure that your camera and audio is on. Your provider will be with you shortly.

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